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Specialized IT Services for Contractors

Improve efficiency and productivity at the office and on the job site

Efficient and reliable communication and data sharing is a must-have on the modern construction site, and Ciprian IT’s IT services will ensure all of your contractors are connected at all times. We can also assist with acquiring and implementing specialized software for general or specialized contractors thanks to our broad industry knowledge. Better organization, collaboration, and communication will lead to more efficient projects, happier clients, and a stronger reputation.

Ciprian IT has been helping construction companies in the Charlotte area achieve success and growth since 2009. Our construction-centric solutions come standard with all of our Managed IT Services plans, so you can get invaluable technology support and industry-specific solutions for a predictable, budget-friendly price.

Ciprian IT’s Construction Specific IT Services Include:

Implementation of cloud solutions to enable real-time collaboration and anytime, anywhere access to important data

Acquisition and integration consulting on construction industry-specific software programs

Cloud-powered communication and mobile device management services for better, more cost-effective communication between offices, job sites, and clients

Enterprise-grade cybersecurity and data backup services to create and maintain a reputation for reliability and confidentiality

Leverage the Cloud to Connect Teams Better, Give Job Site Employees More Communication and Collaboration Tools, Secure and Backup Vital Data



Keep your production lines running and your supply chain moving



Protect your clients’ data and provide them with more efficient services

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Give your employees an IT edge and enhance your services

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Professional Services

Improve productivity across the board and get more done with less

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