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Specialized IT Services for Healthcare Providers

Ensure complete compliance, ironclad data security, and improved patient outcomes

Ciprian IT knows that healthcare providers like you need efficient, secure, and compliant IT, and that the consequences for failing to achieve these goals are far more dire than they would be for other industries. Our cloud solutions, network infrastructure services, and IT system optimizations will ensure your employees can treat patients efficiently and accurately, while Ciprian IT’s security specialists will ensure your patient information is protected and fully meets HIPAA standards.

Ciprian IT has been helping healthcare companies in the Charlotte area achieve success and growth since 2009. Our healthcare-centric solutions come standard with all of our Managed IT Services plans, so you can get invaluable technology support and industry-specific solutions for a predictable, budget-friendly price.

Ciprian IT’s Manufacturing Specific IT Services Include:

Implementation of secure and efficient EHR archiving solutions

Expert network design consulting to provide fast, reliable internet access across entire facilities

24/7 IT support remotely or on-site as needed so you’re never without critical systems

Redundant data backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure nothing can stop you from providing your vital services

Ensure Compliance with HIPAA and Other Regulations, Secure EHRs, Provide More Efficient Services



Improve efficiency and productivity at the office and on the job site



Keep your production lines running and your supply chain moving



Protect your clients’ data and provide them with more efficient services

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Give your employees an IT edge and enhance your services

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