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Managed Backup for Charlotte IT Services  

Automated secure backups and detailed disaster planning will ensure your business is ready for anything

Don’t let an unforeseen catastrophe end your business

You buy insurance to protect your assets, and these days, one of your most valuable assets is not something physical, but rather the data on your drives. If a disaster strikes, like a fire, cyberattack, or hardware failure, you could lose priceless data. Without financial records, client information, or other kinds of mission-critical data, it could be weeks before you are back in business, leading to devastating revenue loss. Charlotte IT Services, Charlotte IT Services, Charlotte IT Services, Charlotte IT Services

But you can prevent all of this with Business Continuity solutions from Ciprian IT. Our cutting-edge, automated, and unobtrusive backup systems will ensure that you always have a current copy of your important data safely stored on a local drive or at a fortified data center. Partner with Ciprian IT and when disaster does strike, you’ll be prepared with a detailed recovery plan tailored to your business that helps you get back to work fast before damage is done.

With Managed Backup Services from Ciprian IT You Get:

Peace of mind – your business will never be without the data it needs to survive

Powerful tools – our automated backup programs work quickly in the background without hogging resources

Secure backups – your data will be safe and regularly tested for integrity at a highly secure data center

Detailed planning – our consultants will give you a meticulous recovery plan that will get you back to full operations in hours instead of days


Cloud Computing

With Ciprian IT’s cloud computing solutions, you’ll get better performance and a more agile workforce at reduced costs

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Risk Management

With expert risk consulting from Ciprian IT, you’ll enjoy maximum ROI from your technology and a stronger long-term strategy

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Managed IT Services

Fully managed technology will increase your productivity and reduce costs

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Managed Security

With cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and 24/7 monitoring, your business will be protected from every cyberthreat out there

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