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About Us

Providing high-quality IT solutions to Charlotte businesses since 2009

Who We Are

The Ciprian IT mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed by optimizing their IT and supporting them on their path to growth. As a small business ourselves, we know how vital IT is for SMBs to grow and stay competitive. That’s why we are committed to providing expert IT guidance, customized solutions, and attentive support that not only eliminate their technology headaches, but also help their business thrive.

When you join Ciprian IT, you’re getting a long-term technology partner that is invested in your success. We focus on lasting relationships because we know that your success is our success. We’re not in business to make a quick buck; we’re dedicated to supporting and growing together with all kinds of businesses in

our Charlotte-area community.

Executive Team

Chip Florian.jpg


Chip Florian discovered his deep fascination for technology at a very young age. Everything about computers was of interest to him and this inspired his dream to have a technology company of his own. Chip’s parents noticed a passion for IT and purchased his first computer back in 1993, an HP Desktop. This was definitely the beginning of the formation of his present career. Chip has a love for IT that has never dimmed in the last 25 years.


He started Ciprian IT Technologies in Charlotte NC, in 2009. He developed a firm foundation and passion for the business after working in the corporate world and training with highly respected Microsoft Engineers and IT managers from multiple industries. Doing something he is passionate about has always inspired him. He takes great pride in his work, especially in growing the CIT Support internal Help desk team with highly dedicated, experienced tech engineers that work together as ONE to provide top-of-the-line IT Services and Support for his clients. 


He has surrounded himself with a team that is also very passionate about this industry and works to understand the clients needs to deliver desired results. Currently, Ciprian IT supports clients in Manufacturing, Finance, Professional Services, Health care, Industrial Machinery, Legal, Construction, and Kitchen Remodeling Industries. 


In his downtime, when not thinking of new ideas to put into his company, he spends time with his family, consisting of his wife and 2 daughters. He also enjoys football, Smoking Eastern Carolina BBQ on the Pitboss, and trips to the coast.


“Business is all about fostering new relationships with people from different fields in the industry. Therefore, I look forward to discussing how Ciprian IT and our team can help you.” Chip Florian

Katie Florian.jpg


As chief financial officer (CFO) and director of operations, Katie is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions including accounting, treasury, and audit. She also leads our customer relations and HR departments. Her career spans more than 10 years of varied experience in management and business leadership.


Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and Business Administration from The University of North Carolina, Wilmington. She is an alumna of Pi Sigma Epsilon professional fraternity. In her free time she enjoys running, the outdoors, crafting, and spending time with family every chance she gets.


Ciprian IT’s Values

Integrity: Having long-term relationships with our clients is our goal. That’s why we build trust by providing services to the best of our ability and staying true to any agreement we enter into.

Perseverance: Our technicians always stay on the job until it’s finished, and won’t accept any solution that is not up to our strict quality standards.

Passion: IT is who we are and what we do. Everyone that works at Ciprian IT believes in helping businesses succeed through effective technology for the benefit of all.

Transparency: We say what we mean, and mean what we say. We don’t believe in hidden fees or keeping clients out of the loop, Ciprian IT is committed to honest and open communication.

Our Process

We take a detailed, comprehensive approach to improving your business

1. Assess: We’ll thoroughly analyze your current IT environment to               

    determine vulnerabilities and action items.

2. Implement: Initial maintenance and installation of solutions will stabilize       your systems and set a strong foundation.

3. Optimize: With expert configuration and regular optimization, your IT     

     will run at peak performance.

4. Protect: Industry best practices, cutting-edge cybersecurity tools, and

    managed backups will protect your business from any threat.

5. Manage: Moving forward, our technicians will continuously monitor your      systems for issues and perform any actions needed to ensure your IT     

    provides maximum value.

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