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How Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Can Benefit From Managed IT Services

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Having a small or mid-sized business doesn’t mean you have to assume every role and take on every task, especially when they’re not in your comfort areas. You should be focusing on your customers and building your business, not on fixing technology issues. A managed IT Service is an excellent alternative to organizing your own in-house IT Support in North Carolina.

A managed IT service offers a wide array of experience, education, and knowledge from backgrounds particular to Information Technology. Sometimes within minutes, an IT tech can fix an issue that could take an unknowing business owner hours to solve - taking time away from their other important business processes.

Small Business IT

As a small business, especially if you’re new or a start-up company, knowing what your expenses are is important. Every dollar earned means a little more and unexpected costs can hurt cash flow. The cost of sending hardware and equipment back to manufacturers can cost quite a bit more than hiring a third-party IT service, who often charge a flat monthly rate or charge by the visit. It’s predictable and techs respond quickly, meaning you won’t need to wait for your tech to come back from overseas before you can get back to work. Even if your IT services are off-site, many techs can securely remote into your network and fix an issue from their own office, without the need to visit your business.

Mid-Sized Business IT Solutions

Large companies may find a use, and the funds, to hire on a full or part-time IT tech support to take care of their technology hardware, programs, security, etc. The payroll, benefits, government taxes, and other fees can add up, especially when you only truly require IT on an as-needed schedule.

If a mid-sized business is able to hire IT support in-house, they may be left stranded on mandatory vacation days and other absences creep up. Managed IT Services offer competitive rates and highly trained experts who don’t need to be trained or adjusted to your business - only as far as their expertise is concerned. And if a tech who you often communicate with is out of office, there’s at least a handful of other experts who can step in and take care of any issues.

IT specialists are up to date on the latest technology trends and equipment and can offer small businesses access to a variety of specialized skills they may not be able to afford to hire specific employees. Plus, if working with a managed IT services team who may not pair well with your business, it’s much easier to end ties than when you’ve decided to let an employee go who has managed to pass their probation period.

Just because you may be a small business in Charlotte, Huntersville, Mooresville or anywhere in the NC area, it doesn’t mean you’re a small customer of Ciprian IT. All the businesses we serve are equally important. We enjoy becoming a part of your company team.

Interested in finding out how managed IT services could be the right fit for your small business? Reach out to a member of our team today. Contact us


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