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What is two-factor authentication?

A good example of two-factor authentication is when you are getting ready to check out at your local grocery store, you insert your debit card into the card processing machine and requests you to enter your pin #. Without the pin number, your debit card will not process even though the card is plugged in or swiped.

Another great example is when you go to the gas pump and insert your debit card, and prompts you to enter your zip code or your pin number. That’s another example of two-factor authentication. We use two-factor authentication on a daily basis and you don’t even realize it.

Do you have a two-factor authentication enabled for your online bank account? How about your email account? I highly recommend setting up two-factor authentication for your, bank, email, credit card accounts, loan accounts, etc. That way even though someone steals or cracks your password, they still have to receive a temporary code to access the email account. This adds an extra layer of security. Without your phone or secondary email access, it makes it much easier for someone to steal your personal data. Also, we highly recommend adding two-factor authentication to your Amazon account, Ebay, and Social Media accounts.

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